Norway Grants Green ICT programme

Aggregation of smart thermostats in the Norwegian and Estonian electricity grids for demand response purposes. (EU53362)


Project implementation period: 08.07.2019-30.10.2019
Project budget: 27 464€

Today, customers with electric heating are paying up to 60% more for their energy then they should be doing. In addition, up to 1000kg of excess CO2 is emitted for electricity generated per every 1kW of direct electric heating. This is because electric heaters do not take into account what is going on in the electricity grids when they are running heating cycles.

This project aims to aggregate Themo smart thermostats in a local electricity grid area in order to start providing demand response services using electric heating. This service allows to optimize electricity production, consumption and grids.

Thanks to this project, cost of electric heating will be lowered up to 60%, electricity production will become more efficient, there will be lower costs for electricity grids maintenance and construction, and CO2 emissions will be lowered when electricity is produced.

The main beneficiaries of this are end users with electric heaters, electric utility companies and transmission system operators in Norway and Estonia.


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