Themo uses thousands of data points to make the right decisions about when to consume electricity. Themo takes into account the unique consumption profile of your home, the determined heating curve, the weather forecast and the current market price of electricity.

Delivery time:

Delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks due to high demand. 

Remote Control - Control heating with a mobile app
Weather forecast - Themo also takes into account tomorrow's weather when heating
Frost protection
Child lock
7-day temperature schedule


Basic features

    Remote Control - Control heating with a mobile app

    Weather forecast - Themo also takes into account tomorrow's weather when heating

    Frost protection - you can be assured that floor will not freeze when internet is not available.

    Child Lock - You can put Themo under Child Lock to prevent accidental changes to settings.

    7-Day Temperature Schedule - Set a week-long schedule and carry on with your daily routine without thinking about heating.

    14-day consumption history - Themo records consumption information on its system so you can re-analyze it at any time.

    Works without an Internet connection - Themo is designed to use with internet connection, but will also work offline.

    Machine Learning and Electricity Price Optimization - The system learns fuel patterns based on consumption history and optimizes consumption accordingly to save the most.

    Self install - we have made it easy to replace your old thermostat with a help of step-by-step guides. However if you need a new install or a help from electrician then contact us.

    SSL encryption and secured data - All data collected is SSL encrypted and stored safely on our servers.

    The thermostat is CE certified - our product is CE marked, thus meeting all EU requirements.

    Technical features

    • Sensors: floor and room sensor
    • Operational voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
    • Standby power consumption: Max 1,8 W
    • Load capacity: Max 16A / 3000W @ 230V
    • Maximum permitted floor temperature 45 °C
    • Configuring Frost Protection between 5 °C kuni 12 °C (default 5 °C)
    • Use 1,5 mm2 või 2,5mm2 diameter cables according to power consumption
    • Dimensions W70 x L70 x H48 mm
    • Weight 120g
    • The front panel has one touch button for switching between modes and setting temperature manually.
    • Material ABS + PC plastic, white, glossy.
    • 16x RGB LED displey


    Themo is compatible with the most common floor sensors from different manufacturers. Supported floor sensors are:

    NTC 6,8 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 10 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 12 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 15 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 22 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 33 kOhm (25°C)
    NTC 47 kOhm (25°C)

    Remote control requires:

    WiFi connection with internet
    Themo app on your phone or tablet
    Free Themo account

    Available languages:

    • Save on the cost of floor heating – up to 32% savings with exchange electricity.
    • The product is CE marked.
    • More environmentally friendly than conventional electric heating.

    Easy to install

    We've designed Themo to make it as easy to use as possible. Installing and setting up the thermostat is easy for anyone, but you also have the option of ordering the product with professional installation.
    Would like to order together with installation?

    • "Themo is one of the first IoT products to be truly smart and capable of significantly optimizing energy costs for both private and business customers"

      Martin Goroško, CEO of Tehnopol Incubator